Saving Money

Some of you know from reading this post on my old blog that I am pretty good at saving money in weird ways. Many people have asked how I do it or where I go, so here are some links to things I use to be cheap. If you don't believe that this stuff works, here's a picture of what $20 bought my son for Christmas this year!

First off, there is the ChaCha Affiliate program. Basically, you post links to content from their website that you want to share and you make a few cents per click. It's not big money, but it adds up. Click here to sign up. If you're interested in becoming a ChaCha guide and answering questions for money let me know and I can help you there, too.

Then there are the surveys and websites to earn gift cards. I'm just going to make a list of these in no particular order.

And then there is shopping. Smart shopping is where the bulk of the money is saved.

SavingStar is a unique program that loads ecoupons onto your store loyalty card. Instead of them being subtracted from  your total in the checkout line, a few days later they are added into your SavingStar account. Then you can cash out once you have $5. The best part is, you can still use coupons at the store, too! I have never once had them not credit something back. It's a great great in fact that I am now a SavingStar affiliate as well! Click here to check them out.

Plum District is a website much like Groupon, but there are a lot of things for moms there. Toys, clothes, magazines, manicures, pedicures, I've seen it all. If you sign up with that link you get a credit to use on your first purchase. That free credit actually got Spencer 3 Christmas gifts. You just have to search for the best deal!

Totsy is pretty similar to Plum District. They seem to have more stuff for girls, but they also have stuff for moms. I used my credit there to get my last pair of shoes! :)

No More Rack is very similar as well, but they have a very wide variety of things including clothes, makeup, men's clothing, electronics, home stuff, and pet supplies. They have freebies daily!

Copious reminds me of etsy in that you can sell things, too. I don't know if it's because it's a smaller community or what, but I love it. PLUS! Three times since I have joined a few months ago they have sent out free credits! Gotta love it! Look for me to be selling crafty stuff there soon! 

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