Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Stupidest Way To Break Your Wrist

So the day after I started this brand new blog I thought it would be a really awesome idea to see what would happen if I broke my wrist. You know what happens? You can't type. Know what happens if you can't type and your job is to type? Nothing good...

Since everyone has asked what happened, here it is. Spencer was really sick. He threw up on everything. I washed approximately 512 loads of laundry that day. I sat one of the baskets inside the door to my bedroom and forgot it was there, so I never put it away. I was exhausted and went to walk to my bed. I thought, well I know where my bed is and I just want to climb in and fall asleep immediately, so I won't turn the light on. That was a poor decision. In a split second, mid-yawn, I went from walking to bed to trying to catch myself as I fell. Had I not tried to catch myself I would have had a pretty bad headache but probably no damage. I did, though. The palm of my hand landed on the rug by my bed. The rug slid across the hardwood floor. The impact fractured my wrist. The sliding sprained my elbow. That is why I've been notably absent since starting the new blog. This hurts. Typing really hurts.

Did I mention that I only get paid if I type? *sigh*

BUT the good news is that I am finally getting a car either tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Now I just have to figure out how to drive and not scream in pain and I'm good to go!


  1. OMG Kadie, owwww! That really sucks, I hope that you heal quickly!

  2. ouch.
    congrats on the new space though. moving on is excellent. major props to you.